1st February – 18th March 2021OUT OF SEASON R2,250.00 2 NIGHTS
19th March – 22nd March 2021SEMI SEASON R2,500.00 2 NIGHTS
 23rd March – 31st March 2021OUT OF SEASON R2,250.00 2 NIGHTS
1st April – 5th April 2021 PEAK SEASON R3,400 .00 2 NIGHTS
6th April – 22nd April 2021 SEMI SEASON R2 500.002 NIGHTS 
 23rd April – 2nd May 2021IN SEASON R3,400.002 NIGHTS 
 3rd May – 8th July 2021OUT OF SEASON R2,250.00 2 NIGHTS 
9th July – 25th July 2021SEMI SEASON R2,500.002 NIGHTS
26th July – 5th August 2021OUT OF SEASON R2,250.002 NIGHTS 
06th August – 10th August 2021OTHER R2 500.002 NIGHTS 
11th August – 22nd September 2021OUT OF SEASON  R2,250.002 NIGHTS
23rd September – 30th September 2021OTHER R2 500.002 NIGHTS
1st October – 11th October 2021SEMI SEASON R2,500.002 NIGHTS 
12th October – 30th November 2021OUT OF SEASONR2,250.002 NIGHTS
1st December – 13th December 2021SEMI SEASON R2,500.00 2 NIGHTS
14th December – 31st December 2021PEAK SEASON R4,400.003 NIGHTS 
1st January 2022 – 12th January 2022 PEAK SEASONR4,400.00 3 NIGHTS
13th January 2022 – 17th March 2022 OUT OF SEASONR2,250.002 NIGHTS
*** SERVICE FEE ***R 250.00 PER DAY
 (Refundable subject to inspection) 
PEAK SEASON4,400.00  
IN SEASON 3,400.00  
SEMI SEASON 2,500.00  
OTHER 20212,500.00 
OUT OF SEASON – 2021 All other dates, 2 250.00   
except long weekends which will be in semi season.